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The details of the scheme are given as under:-:


To ensure discipline and order in the campus the students are directed:

  • To maintain the academic atmosphere in the institute and not to pollute it by indulging in any factional
  • To exercise self-control and abide by rules in class room, library, cafeteria and playgrounds.
  • To note that insolence and misbehaviour of any kind will call for strict disciplinary action.
  • Not to leave the institute premises without permission during institute hours.
  • Not to disfigure the institute walls by writing remarks, slogans etc, or pasting posters.


College card is issued to every student after the completion of admission process. It is a necessary part of the uniform. It must be fixed at the left pocket of the shirt or the coat. The card is non-transferable.


A complete list of selected items of uniform and clothing to be brought along, by the candidate, will be sent to the parents on the acceptance of the admission.

Boys Girls
White Shirt White Shalwar Qamez
Steel grey Pant White Duptta With
Coloured Ribbon
Black Jersey or Coat Black Jersey or Coat
College Tie Black Shoes
Black Shoes

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