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Computer Certificate & English Language


This “COMPUTER Certificate & English Language” is designed for students who are keen to improve their Basic knowledge of Computers and English Language. Computer course is focused towards Microsoft Office particularly Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet / Web Surfing and email etc. Contents of Spoken English course have specifically been formulated in order to enable the students to feel comfortable and confident in the rapid growing English oriented society. Spoken English course would be more focusing wards developing skills and knowledge of Vocabulary, Grammar & Accent Neutralization thereby enhancing communicative abilities. Students successfully completing this course will find themselves well-equipped in terms of day to day usage of information Technology (IT) and effective communication Skills in English Language.


Course Contents of Spoken English
01 Basic Grammar
02 Vocabulary
03 Phonetics
04 Communication Skills
05 Greetings and leave taking
06 Meeting/introducing people
07 Carrying out simple transactions in shops Work places etc
08 Polite forms of speech and writing
09 informally conversing with colleagues
10 Vocabulary